Looking forward to the return of Sagres

The town of Sagres in the Algarve is the furthest point southwest in Europe. It's a short twenty minutes west of Lagos, the popular resort town in southern Portugal — I've made the trip on a Vespa scooter a few times. Its great beaches sit below massive cliffs from which you can stare out into the Atlantic for what seems forever. Surely, these tremendous vistas inspired the city's most famous son, Prince Henry the Navigator, to pursue what could be out there.

Sagres Restaurant in the Columbia Street neighborhood of Fall River has been an important part of the local Portuguese community and identity for decades. Up until I was six years old, my family lived around the corner from Sagres Restaurant, on Mulberry Street, and I remember it being as popular then as it is today.

Every home and every family kitchen is different. For me, the food at Sagres most reminds me of all the great meals I had throughout my childhood at the different homes of my cousins, my grandparents, my aunts and family friends. To me, It's the most "Portuguese", the most nostalgic and authentic.

Shrimp à Alhinho

The Shrimp à Alhinho (garlic) appetizer is so "garlicky" good and so spicy. It's served bubbling hot - like volcano hot - on a traditional ceramic dish. The sauce is plentiful and great to eat with your bread. It'll make you sweat, and you'll love it. I enjoyed every painful mouthful.

Carne de porco e Figado à Açoreana

One of my favorite Portuguese dishes from my childhood is beef liver with boiled potatoes. It's the only way I like beef liver. At Sagres, they sauté the liver with small cubes of pork and french fried potatoes. And yes, it's served hot - both in temperature and picante heat with copious amounts of sliced garlic. The liver is cut into really small, thin slices that develop a nice sort of charred exterior that seems to cut the "liveriness" of the dish. The pieces of liver take on the appearance of foie gras. And if you like liver and onions, you got to try this liver and garlic dish.

The staff is young, very young - but they're Portuguese kids who grew up with this food and they know the menu really well. So, I trusted they judgement. It was our server's call to go with the Shrimp Alhinho, which got us in such a great mood, the rest of the dinner could only be great.

Visit Sagres, one of the most "Portuguese" restaurants in the most "Portuguese" neighborhood of one of the most "Portuguese" towns in America.

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